Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to a new school year and a fresh start. This is the first issue of our classroom newsletter. You should expect a new issue on the first school day of each week. I'll work my hardest to give you a heads up about what you and your child should expect for the coming week.

I realize that I may need to send you information more often than once a week. To simplify matters on my part, I'll be using Remind101, a one-way text and/or email messaging system. With Remind101, all personal information remains completely confidential. I will never see your phone number, nor will you ever see mine.

To receive text messages, text "@mrbunke" to "(385) 282-4530" ; to receive messages via email, send an email to "mrbunke@mail.remind101.com." You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe any time from this service. You should expect one, but no more than three, messages from me a week.

In class this week, we will be focusing on classroom learning behaviors and procedures. I'll be taking time to have each student read to me and assess what they remember from 2nd grade. Here are a couple of items that we will discuss:
  • Homework packets: On the first day of each school week, I'll send home a packet of homework. Your child will have the entire week to complete the homework and bring it back the following Monday (or first day of the week). Today they will receive their first packet.
  • Water bottles: Each student is welcome to bring their own water bottle from home and have it at their desk. They are allowed to get a drink whenever they need. Staying hydrated not only makes good health sense but learning sense as well. Please make sure their bottle is leak-proof and can fit inside their desk when not in use. Also, label the bottle with their name.
  • Homework folders: Today, your child will bring home their blue homework folder. I want them to bring it to and from school each day. I'll have the students customize their folder with information they will use often. They will also keep a monthly reading log in the folder as well as other long-term assignments they may have.
  • Spelling lists: Spelling words will be sent home in each week with 4-5 school days; on shorter weeks we'll forego spelling. I'll teach the students how to sort their words at the beginning of the week with their spelling group and they will have homework activities they will do with their spelling words. Spelling lists and activities can be found at my website: www.bunker.nridge.net/word-study.
Looking Ahead
30 Aug - Speech and Hearing Testing
2 Sept - No School. Labor Day holiday
3-6 Sept - Safety Week
20 Sept - Northridge Carnival