Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Learning

YES! We made it to summer. What a feeling.  I’m looking forward to the fun and adventure of summer; I’ll be spending much more time outdoors playing with family, hiking, swimming and camping.

Just because it’s summer and we are taking a break from academics, don’t make a mistake and take a break from learning. There are plenty of opportunities to augment learning. Here are my Top 3 Free Learning Activities for summer:

  1. Read what you want. Now’s the time to read that book or series of books that you have been putting off until you have more time. This doesn’t even have to cost you. Schedule a regular time to visit the public library to get those books. Both the Provo City and the Orem Public libraries have summer reading programs that give awards for reading what you want. Also, check out an audio book and listen to it while you are doing something else.
  2. Stop at the brown signs. As you are traveling this summer, don’t hesitate to watch for the brown road signs explaining points of interest. This is a great way to grow your knowledge about our great state and country.
  3. Practice what you know online. If you don’t use it you will lose it. Sing the multiples songs and practice the multiplication facts using It doesn’t cost and a little every day will keep those facts front and center in your mind so you don’t have to learn them anew. Try some of the other fun math games that you will find on my website.