Friday, November 11, 2011

Week #13 Message

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this week we'll only have two school days, Monday and Tuesday. Homework this week is minimal.

Home Reading
Please continue supporting the home reading program. I've noticed that a few students are not returning their reading books as often as they should. The home reading program is a great way of having your child read every day — or at least on the days they eat. I try to match up the reading level for each of the students so they can independently read the books. If you notice that the books are too simple, send me a note and I'll bump them up a level. Reading is an accrued skill that need regular, daily practice.

Class Auction
This Tuesday we will be having a class auction. This is like a combination between a garage sale and a silent auction. Students bring items from home that they no longer need and other students can purchases with the classroom currency that they have earned. Please don't go out and buy things for the auction. Just have your child bring things that they no longer need or want. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

We have started a unit on time. One of the most difficult concepts for students to understand in this unit is elapsed time. We'll be practicing this concept quite a bit and return to it often throughout the year.

Language Arts
In writing students are finishing up on their "I'm Thankful ABC Book." We should finish them when we return from the Thanksgiving break.

Happy Thanksgiving.