Monday, October 24, 2011

Week #9 Message

Teacher @ Sea
Right now I'm aboard the RV Walton Smith returning to Miami. We are finishing up a 5 day research cruise through the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida. It's been a wonderful time for me to interact and participate with scientists studying Oceanography. I hope you have been following my Teacher @ Sea Blog. I can't wait to return and fill in the spots between my blog entries.

Red Ribbon Week
This week our school is celebrating Red Ribbon week. Here is the plan for the festivities:
  • Monday — Wear clothes inside out 
  • Tuesday — Wear a silly hat  
  • Wednesday — Have crazy hair at school
  • Thursday — Wear Crazy socks
  • Friday— Wear Red colored clothing 
Looking Ahead
31 Oct — Halloween class party and parade
See everyone on Wednesday.