Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week #15 Message

Lost and Found Items
From Tuesday through Friday of this week please come to our school and check to see if any of the lost and found items belong to your family.  The school will be taking the unclaimed items to a good will store this weekend.

Language Arts
We are finishing up writing our Thankful ABC Books and our winter Haiku poems and will be starting a unit on writing summaries.

For FLEX we are reviewing elapsed time.  I know that digital clocks are more popular, but please encourage our child to tell time with an analog clock. In that way they can be prepared for the end of year tests.

We are in the process of learning about collecting, summarizing, and graphing data.

Looking Forward
8 Dec. Cookie Dough pick-up (noon)
15 Dec. Class auction.
19 Dec. through 2 Jan Winter Break

LG Electronics