Monday, October 3, 2011

Week #6 Message

Common Day Schedule
Because of Parent - Teacher conferences, Wednesday and Thursday will be common days for students. This means that all students will arrive and leave school at a common time: 8:00 & 2:15 respectively.

Birthday Treats
Students are welcome to bring treats to celebrate their birthday. We'll pass out the treats as students go to morning recess at 9:45 AM. Because of district policy, any food brought from home needs to be store bought.

This week we will be finishing up Unit 2 on rounding and estimation. We'll be moving on to addition and subtraction.

Starting in October, we'll be having monthly reading goals. October's goal is to read at least 50 pages from each of our 10 classroom genres. This week I'll be giving each student a reading log where they should record all the books they read. Your child can count books they read at home or school. They can also count books that are read to them. Please have your child keep their reading log in their Monday Folder. I'll collect the reading logs on the last school day of the month.

Thank you for all you do to support your child's learning!