Monday, October 10, 2011

Week #7 Message

Last week we started keeping track of the books each student is reading. When they finish a book, they need to record it on their green reading log that is in their Monday Folder. This month's reading goal is to read 50 pages from each of the 10 genres.

In addition, I'm teaching students how to prepare a Book Talk — a mini book report. Each student will receive a blue Book Talk form that they can use. They are to choose one book they have read this month and prepare a Book Talk. They will present their Book Talk to the class and then have the opportunity to record their book talk for our Book Talk Blog.

Students are learning about estimating 2-digit addition and subtraction problems. We are also learning the multiple songs. If you get a chance, have them teach you the multiple songs for 2s, 3s, 4s, & 6s.

Halloween Costumes
It is so nice when I can see my students thinking and planning ahead! Already I'm getting questions about what is appropriate for Halloween costumes. Please make sure costumes don't include a mask that covers a student's face. Face paint is appropriate but must not include blood. Also students may not bring real or pretend weapons as part of their costumes. Students can wear their costumes to school on Halloween.

Teacher @ Sea
Earlier this year the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) selected me as one of the 2011 Teachers @ Sea. I'll be a crew member on the RV Walton Smith research vessel and won't be at school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (17-19 October) preceding fall break. There will be a substitute teacher here those days. While I'm away, I'll be posting blog entries explaining what kind of scientific research I'm a part of and, of course, sharing as much as I can with the students during the cruise and when I return.

Looking Ahead
20-21 Oct — Fall Break (no school)
24-28 Oct — Red Ribbon Week
27 Oct — Picture retakes
31 Oct — Halloween parade and class party