Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week #18 Message

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held 25-26 of January. Please take a quick moment and schedule an appointment by going to our school's Online Scheduler.

Our Winter Haiku are posted outside our classroom. You may want to take a moment to see our students clever, poetic representations of winter. We are now beginning to work on our "How To" articles. Each student will write simple instructions on how to either make, play, or do something.

This week we are moving on to memorization of the 3 multiplication facts. Please make studying the 3's flash cards once a day this next week with your child. Also, periodically review the 2's multiplication cards that were previously sent home.

Looking Ahead
16 Jan — No School (Civil Rights Day)
23-17 Jan — Book Fair
25-26 Jan — Parent Teacher Conferences