Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week #2 Message

Northridge's Home Reading Program
Today Home Reading packets will come home. Please have your child participate in this school-wide program. Our Home Reading Program (HRP) is another way to encourage a daily dose of reading. Healthy readers read every day --or just on the days they eat. I see a marked difference in reading success with those students that take part in our school's HRP.

And yes, reading books from the HRP does count as part of a student's 20 minutes of homework reading. We, parents and teacher, will need to work together to make sure the books students bring home are on the appropriate level. We want the books to be easy enough that they can read independently but not too easy. If you see we need to adjust the read level of the book, please place a note in the book zip-baggie and have your child hand the baggie to me instead of placing it in the Home Reading box.

Water Bottles
Staying hydrated is not only good for our health but also learning. My students may have a water bottle at their desks. Just make sure the bottle only has water and has a closeable top so wont spill of tipped over or when they are put inside a desk.

In math we are working on building the understanding needed for rounding numbers. You will notice that many of the assignments are working in that direction. Any help in reinforcing these concepts is appreciated.

In reading we are working on completing the DRA testing. My goal is to have this completed before the end of this week. Please encourage your child to put their best foot forward and show all the good reading that has taken place over the summer.