Monday, January 31, 2011

Jazz it up with reading!

I'm sure each of you are aware that we are in the midst of the Jazz Reading Program. Our school has a goal of reading 1.5 million minutes. This week we will see if the boys or girls will read more. The twenty minutes of reading they normally do for homework and any additional reading will count. Have them record any outside of school reading on their golden colored bookmarks.

Our school story telling festival is in full swing. This week we will be holding our classroom competition. If your child would like to tell a story for the competition, please let me know and we'll have them tell it to the class. We will be selecting 2 students from each class to go onto our school competition.

Parent, teacher conferences will be this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-7:00. Be sure to call the school secretary (801.717.4844) to schedule a time for your conference. Remember that there will be common days on Wednesday and Thursday. The school day will be from 8:00 - 2:15 for all students. Don't forget to stop into our PTA's Book Fair while you are here.

Wednesday we will also have our end of January On-the-Ball party & auction. Students that are current on their homework, home reading and school library books will be participating. This month we'll celebrate by folding origami frogs and relating it to geometric shapes, symmetry and having a frog jumping competition.

Looking Ahead.
  • Monday 7 Feb 2011— Minimal Day (professional development for teachers)
    AM 8:00-12:30/PM 9:15-1:45
  • Monday 14 Feb 2011 — Valentines day parties (10:00-10:55 and 1:30-2:40)