Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week #1 News

Welcome back to school! The starting of a new school year is always exciting for me because we get a fresh start after an extended break. This first week of school, my class will be focusing on our classroom procedures and learning behaviors. Here are a couple that will interest you:

  • Water bottles: Each student is welcome to have their own water bottle at their desk. This will allow them to get a drink whenever they need to. Staying hydrated not only makes good health sense but learning sense as well. I will provide a water bottle but students can bring one from home if they would like. If your child brings a bottle from home, make sure the water bottle is leak-proof and can be put inside of their desk when not in use.
  • Homework folders: Today, your child should have brought home their homework folder. This should come each day with them to school. The homework folder will be the vehicle for getting the following things to and from school each day:
       1. Spelling words. They will need these most every day at school.
       2. Notes for parents. Most notes go home on Mondays if information isn't pressing.
       3. Homework Packets. These will come home on the first day of the week. 
  • Spelling listsSpelling words will be sent home each week that has 4-5 school days; on shorter weeks we'll forego spelling. I'll teach the students how to sort their words at the beginning of the week. They will cut out their mini word cards and practice sorting them in class and at home as part of homework. At the end of the week they will take a spelling test that will require them to spell and sort words correctly. 

    Because spelling words will go back and forth between home and school each day, I'll have them place their mini cards into a ziplock baggie. I realize that many times spelling words may not make it home. For this reason, I've made it possible for your child to download a copy of each week's words from https://sites.google.com/a/nridge.net/bunker/index/spelling.